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WordPress Events Calendar

WordPress Events Calendar

WordPress Events Calendar is probably one of the best WordPress calendar plugins out there. You may use it for personal or business needs. It is highly customizable, feature rich and flexible, so we are 100% sure that you’ll be satisfied with our product. We are constantly updating and upgrading so feel safe about it. Get our plugin today and see for yourself.


  • Works right out of the box
  • Both options integrated - monthly and list views
  • Change calendar size – Everything is possible with WordPress Calendar and Scheduler Plugin.
  • Change the look and feel that fits your site - Three styles included + option to create your own by modifying CSS
  • Utilize the power of shortcodes – However you want it, whereever you need it
  • Shortcode generator
  • Accept payments - Monetize your events and accept payments through PayPal or get details for sending an invoice.
  • Limit the number of registrants allowed for the event
  • Supports all currencies
  • Display calendar on your widget areas – Header, footer, sidebar…You name it!
  • Show event thumbnails or category color
  • Categorize events
  • Translations supported
  • Simple yet powerful administration area with clear and simple tooltips
  • Description window supports HTML and video
  • Email notifications
  • Make event title link anywhere on the web or link to additional information
  • Customize the looks by modifying the stylesheet
  • Show multiple calendars on posts and pages.
  • And much, much more
Birgit Škerin – Estonian State Puppet and Youth Theatre Meeli Johanson, E-katedraal – Education Center Toomas Lill – Estonian Breakdance Association
“Websales increased almost 10 times after we decided to go for that plugin. The team has offered great support and been always there to assist when needed. Thanks you so much guys!” “This Scheduler feature made things so much easier for us. We used to update our annual calendar in five different places. Now we just simply enter once and the info get’s listed everywhere as we need. Thank you guys for great work and support!” “I am not so web savvy and so for me simplicity comes first. Thank god everything was so clear and simple and entering data for our dance events went smoothly. I love the retro style – makes the calendar on our site look so swell.”

True chameleon

Buy and download GET WordPress Calendar and Schedruler plugin NOW
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Choose between the styles that come with the plugin or make your own custom look for the plugin by modifying the CSS file. You can change the size of the calendar so it would fit to widget area or it would fit right into the page or post. Show your calendar as a list or as a calendar.


Buy and download GET WordPress Calendar and Schedruler plugin NOW
Payments are processed by Clickbank to ensure maximum security and quick service

Accept payments

Easy to set Scheduler up for accepting payments for your events through PayPal. Just enter your PayPal account email in the Payment settings page and it works.

You can also accept other payment options by providing option to choose invoice, check or cash. Clients get to choose between the options you allow. It’s also possible to allow free registrations for the events.

You can completely hide payment options if you want. Go as far as your imagination takes you.


Categorize events

WordPress Scheduler and Calendar is built for all possible needs and wishes. Sometimes it’s good to split events into different categories. Although you can just paste calendars into posts or pages with just single event, you sometimes may wish to narrow the list by category. For example if you organize two types of shows, ones for those who are interested in dogs ones for those who are interested in cats. So in this case you can show dog events in the pages of your site that talk about dogs and at the same time use the same plugin for showing the events about cats on the pages that talk about cats. Everyones happy and with less noise you can get peoples attention to the stuff that matters to them.

Buy and download GET WordPress Calendar and Schedruler plugin NOW
Payments are processed by Clickbank to ensure maximum security and quick service

Shortcode – easiest way to implement on your site

Just copy one simple shortcode anywhere on your site to make the calendar appear. You may also use the built-in shortcode generator for customize’ing the calendar. It’s possible to play with visual options (list vs calendar, size, position of popup box etc.) and the contents (categories, events, timeframe etc.) of the calendar. You can show multiple calendars on the same page and customize each calendars information and looks as you’ld like. Shortcodes work for widgets too!

Monetize events

Sell tickets to your events. It’s perfect for theatres, movies, festivals, summercamps and for other organisations that organize events and would like to monetize those events. You can decide wheter you display a pricing and registration rows or hide those completely.

Make title link



Choose wheter you make event title link to a location in the web or open additional info with modal box. Don’t want to link anywhere? Just never mind the fields and it doesn’t link. Embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler or any other place you are hosting your videos at. Video will open in the additional information window. Desciption window can be as unigue as the web itself. Paste your HTML code in the event description field and impress your clients with nice registration page or event information.

Beginning and ending

Sometimes the event lasts for 5 days and sometimes it’s just 5 minutes. You can display this important information with our WordPress Calendar and Scheduler plugin.

Easy to read

Show the event icon, category color or starting day cap before the event date. This makes it easy for your clients to navigate and find right events faster. Everyones happy!

Personal or business

It’s highly customizable so use it for your personal needs or boost your business. Our happy clients are from all sorts of industries. We would be happy to compliment your site with our plugins.

Open Source

You may alter the plugin code as you wish. We write high quality code that is clean and easy to understand. It’s well commented, so you or the developer in your team can take action in no time. No headaches or misterys, only pure awesomeness!

Buy and download GET WordPress Calendar and Schedruler plugin NOW
Payments are processed by Clickbank to ensure maximum security and quick service

Works with translations!

 Money back guarantee!

 Fast customer support!

Just like WordPress itself can operate in several languages, the WordPress Calendar and Scheduler does too! Feel confident, if the product doesn’t satisfy you we will replace or refund with no hassle at all.  We’ll reply to your questions and concernes in 24h or less. Just shoot us your questions, we’re here to help!

You’ll get all the features above plus all the updates for a year for just 39USD. We know – it’s insane but Welcome to Plugistan!