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Plugistan is the coolest WordPress plugins marketplace

We have unconditional love for WordPress. So we think of WordPress alot and thus we also like to build plugins and themes for WP users. Here are some of our Plugins. More will role out soon as the soldiers of Plugistan are just getting warmed up.

Plugistan is the creation of iPenelo

Plugistan is the creation of iPenelo

Calendar and Scheduler Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Events Calendar is probably one of the best WordPress calendar plugins out there. You may use it for personal or business needs. It is highly customizable, feature rich and flexible, so we are 100% sure that you’ll be satisfied with our product. We are constantly updating and upgrading so feel safe about it. Get our plugin today and see for yourself.

Contact Manager Plugin for WordPress

Problems with billions of pages in the web is that they are not trustworthy. Contact Manager is a perfect solution to list all your employees or team on your website. Works on shortcodes!

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