WordPress Contact Manager Plugin

WordPress Contact Manager Plugin

This plugin makes your page and company look trustworthy in the eyes of the customer. Let them know who’s behind all the great work that you do. Put a face to a name!

What is WordPress Contact Manager plugin?

This plugin lets you easily display contacts, team members, staff, employees, co-workers or however you call it on your website. It fits to all different kinds of companies – from large enterprises to small businesses. The cool thing is that it’s so freakin’ easy to set it up and make it look exactly how you want on your website. It will automagically (the cool new word for automatically) organize the contacts on pages and posts in a nice table format, so no need to struggle with html or php. In fact, no coding skills are required, at all. Just install and you’ll see that your site becomes more vivid, trustworthy, professional and fun.

List of features

  • List your staff – Display your team, coworkers, employees easily on your website.
  • Customize – Make it look the way you want, the way it would match the look and feel of your website.
  • Easy to embrace – Add names, job titles, phone numbers and e-mails, so visitors could contact the right people at the right time.
  • Mouse-over – Add secondary image and surprise visitors with cool mouse-over effect. (This is optional)
  • Link e-mails – Make e-mail link active to send mail straight from contact listings
  • Link thumbs – Make image link to team members personal page or where ever you wish
  • No limits – List as many people as needed
  • Categorize staff – You can categorize by marketing, board members etc. You can name the categories and sort them as needed.
  • Organize – Organize alphabetically or by priority.
  • Shortcodes – Use shortcodes to make list appear on pages or posts
  • Flexible – Show your list in the middle of the text
  • Picture size – Change image size
  • Font – Change text font, color and size
  • Borders – Show and style borders for images
  • Alignment – Align text on cards different ways
  • Browser-friendly – Looks its best everywhere: IE, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.
  • Easy to install – No coding or programming knowledge required. Just download and put the files in your plugins folder and activate from WordPress admin panel. That’s it! Your free to list your staff!


WordPress Contact Manager plugin in action

Here is the team behind creating this awesome plugin. Listed with default settings. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, problems, suggestions then here are the people you could contact. We are more than happy to help. NB! Mouse-over our images to see our favourite cartoon characters!

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